The Necessity of Protection Activity for Antiquities and Monuments
and Supportive Activity for Museums in Asia

The concept of this NPO is “Save the Asyle”. Asyle means “sanctuary” in German. The ancient monuments sparsely dotted in the area were not “sanctuaries” in ancient times. Those monuments used to be religious objects and symbols of power. It is a tragedy to see that those sacred monuments have been used as battlefields and dens by battle groups and thus face the risk of destruction and collapse. Also, those monuments have been damaged or destructed not only by disrupts and internal conflicts but also by natural disasters. Moreover, many monuments and antiquities has not been appropriately protected or reserved by the countries in which they exist. Since the national finance is not affluent in those counties, the governments and the museums cannot conduct sufficient protection activity.

We are planning to hold exhibitions that exhibit the antiquities owned by the countries and the museums for fundraising and support the museums and the protection activities financially by donating the fund earned in the fundraising.

SAM’s Activity Policy

  1. Our primary purposes are to provide the protection activity for cultural properties and the Supportive Activity for the museums.
  2. We make a clear departure from politics and religions.
  3. We have to be neutral, so do not act for any particular country’s interest.


Representative・PresidentShinichi Nakayama
[Former teacher at a private high school in Tokyo]
Vice President・Representative in JapanTatsuya Takahashi (Tony Takahashi)
[Representative of a Middle East coordinator office: tashikasa]
Administrator・Auditor2 persons
Head Office

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